Letter to your benefactor

My dear friend-

Although it has been some time since we last spoke, I fondly remember our last meeting and I am looking forward to our next get-together now that the world’s outlook is perhaps a touch less bleak than when last we spoke.

I am writing to you now to request your help with a small recruiting effort. Your expertise and network of contacts is required to find one who will represent you with some competence in my enterprise. I have need of a new agent during this next season, with the possibility of a long term arrangement if all parties are agreeable. The specifics of the skillset I require are enclosed with this note.

Of course, I will address food, lodging and incidentals for the duration and am prepared to offer you a tidy sum as recompense for your help in this talent scouting endeavor. If the arrangement works out for the long term, I will be in your debt for a small favor.

Your representative should report to my colleague in Sharn with your letter of recommendation in hand. Professor Hoban Feldspar at Morgrave University will be expecting their arrival at midday on Zol during the second week of Barrakas. Tardiness for this first meeting would likely set this new relationship off in an unfortunate direction.

Reasonable precautions will, of course, be taken, but the absolute safety of your agent cannot be assured, I’m certain you can appreciate how difficult things are in my position. We still live in dangerous times and I am expecting that you will select a representative with some ability to look after themselves. Perhaps even with enough talent to be considered noteworthy as time goes on.

Your discretion and timely attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Warmly yours,


Letter to your benefactor

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